Who We Are

Coloradans for the Common Good is dedicated to:

  • Creating a vehicle for ordinary people to have a powerful voice in the decisions that affect their lives and communities by increasing participation in public life, through relational meetings, house meeting campaigns, research actions and public actions
  • Developing leadership and strengthening community within and between institutions
  • Building bridges across longstanding divisions that isolate communities from each other
  • The building of this network involves:
    • Identifying and recruiting institutions who share a passion for democracy and are led by their convictions, values, and faith to act for the public good
    • Building relationships of trust among people and institutions across the racial, denominational, economic, and geographic boundaries that divide our larger community
    • Strengthening member institutions by developing the skills and capacity of their leaders
    • Facilitating the formulation of a public agenda and action plan which is responsive to consensus interests of member institutions

How We Work:

  • We are non-partisan and will not endorse any candidate or party
  • We act on issues identified by the local community through the process of conducting individual relational meetings and house meetings
  • We’re led by local leaders from member institutions, with support from professional IAF organizers to facilitate local leadership development
  • Our funding comes primarily from member institution pledges, supplemented by individual and grant funding, and no government funding. We do not accept money that tries to direct who we are or what we do