State of the Colorado Rental Market During COVID-19 Health Crisis

Coloradans for the Common Good recently partnered with Avail in a joint effort to research the impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis on landlords and renters across Colorado. Avail is a technology company providing a seamless rental experience for DIY landlords and their renters.

Together, CCG and Avail created surveys and sent them to landlords and renters throughout the state to gather data covering a range of topics, including rent payments for April, upcoming payments for May, communications between landlords and renters, and sentiment regarding covering future expenses.

What we learned by looking at the data confirms what earlier reports indicated: Despite most renters having paid rent in April, with intent to try to do the same in May, an alarming number of renters are classified as Rent Burdened or Severely Rent Burdened. 74% of renters reported that their employment status was directly impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, adding to the complexity of this health crisis.

Housing affordability was already a challenging and complicated issue before the pandemic, and COVID-19 continues to exacerbate an already tough situation for thousands of Coloradans.

Read the full report here.


About Avail

Avail is a platform that enables landlords to advertise rental units, screen tenants, request background, credit, and eviction checks, create and sign lease agreements, and collect rent — all online. More than 10,000 landlords in Colorado use Avail because it’s the only end-to-end platform that helps them scale from a beginner to professional landlord with tools, support, and education (such as their guide to Colorado Landlord-Tenant Law).

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