Our Story

We will accomplish this public work through:

  • Establishing relationships across difference around shared values;
  • Developing community members to be effective agents of change;
  • Building power to revitalize our democracy and move away from ineffective, technocratic, and polarized politics; and
  • Taking collective, strategic action to create change.

We are:

  • Committed to the ongoing practice of radical inclusivity and intentional diversity
  • Training leaders to build capacity within and across institutions towards organizational and democratic renewal
  • Led by local leaders from member institutions, with support from professional IAF organizers to facilitate local leadership development
  • Funded primarily by member institution pledges, supplemented by individual and grant funding, and no government funding. We do not accept money that that tries to direct who we are or what we do
  • We act on issues identified by the local community through the process of conducting individual relational meetings and house meetings
  • Part of the oldest and largest community organizing network in the United States (58 organizations) and internationally (5 organizations)
  • Regionally affiliated with local IAF organizations in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas and Iowa